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Tooth Fillings

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Full Service Dentist Serving Spring Hill and Brooksville Patients For Tooth Fillings

The Denture and Dental Care Center is a full service dentist office. While we pride ourselves on our expert denture and dental implant procedures, we also provide general dental services to the Spring Hill community including routine check ups, x-rays and cleanings. Our general services also include tooth fillings as standard procedures in our office. To schedule your next dental exam and teeth cleaning, please call our office at 352-848-1050 or contact us on our website here to schedule your next visit.

What Are Tooth Fillings?

In short, dental fillings are a composite resin that is used to repair a tooth that has been damaged by decay. Dental fillings are used as a standard procedure for repairing and strengthening the structural form of a tooth. The process is fairly quick. The dentist will work to remove the decayed area of the tooth. Once the damaged area has been cleaned, the composite is prepared and applied to fill in the cleaned out areas of the tooth. The tooth is then restored to its natural form and strength.

Tooth fillings also serve to protect the tooth by preventing bacteria and germs from entering the inside of the tooth causing further damage.

There are several different kinds of material used for fillings including gold, composite resin and amalgram, which is a metal based composite made from zinc and mercury. Every patient’s situation is different. Each material has different costs and benefits. Your dentist will make the proper suggestion for what’s best based on your own individual circumstance.

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What Is The Best Material For Dental Fillings?

As mentioned, there are different types of composites used when applying tooth fillings. Each have their positive benefits and concerns. While the dentist will make his professional suggestion on what is to be used, it is important to be aware of the pros and cons of each.

Cast Gold Tooth Fillings


  • Good Looking – Many patients prefer the flashy look of gold instead of silver.
  • Durable – Pure gold resists any kind of corrosion and they last 10 years or longer.
  • Strong – Normal every day chewing will not effect gold tooth fillings.


  • Aesthetics – The flashy look of gold fillings may be to its detriment since many would prefer to not notice a filling at all.
  • Expensive – Using a rare metal such as gold for your dental fillings can cost upwards of ten times that of standard amalgram fillings.
  • More difficult To Apply – Gold fillings often take at least two visits to the office to apply.

Amalgram Dental Fillings


  • Inexpensive – Usually the most cost effective option out of all filling materials
  • Extremely Durable – Resists any kind of corrosion and will last for well over 10 years.
  • Strong – The effects of everyday chewing will not affect amalgram fillings


  • Color Changes – Amalgram tooth fillings may cause the surrounding area of the tooth to turn a very slight bluish grey tone
  • Noticeable Dental Fillings – Because of their dark silver tone, fillings are more noticeable than other material used.
  • More Drilling – Because of the nature of the filling material, healthy tooth material may need to be drilled out along with the decayed area in order to accommodate the filling.

Tooth Colored Tooth Filling


  • Unnoticeable – Composite resin fillings are matched to the color of the tooth making them virtually invisible.
  • Structural Support – Resin is chemically bonded to the tooth which gives the tooth extra support.


  • Fragile – Composite resign fillings don’t last as long as silver or gold dental fillings and may need to be replaced more often.
  • Moderately Expensive – While gold fillings are the most expensive option used, composite fillings can easily be twice the price of amalgram fillings.
  • Time Consuming – The procedure often takes more than one visit to the office and once the application process has started, it typically takes a longer visit overall.

What Are The Advantages of Tooth Colored Composite Fillings?

With growing interest in keeping teeth looking natural, tooth colored fillings, or composite fillings, have grown in popularity. There are several benefits to getting composite fillings. Composite fillings use resin inlays which bond to the tooth itself creating a tight fit and a natural look. These types of fillings may be used to strengthen a tooth that has suffered a lot of decay.

The resin used contains flouride. So, the resin not only helps strengthen the tooth, it can help prevent further decay down the road. The resin feels just like a natural tooth and doesn’t interfere with the gum line. The result is a confident smile!

For those concerned about their amalgram tooth fillings, we offer a procedure to replace them with the tooth colored fillings. The procedure typically takes two appointments. On the first appointment, your old fillings are removed and an impression is taken of your teeth. You are sent home with a temporary overlay. On the second appointment, the temporary overlay is removed and you are fitted with the new composite fillings.

For more information on our tooth colored composite fillings, please call our office at 352-848-1050 or contact us on our website here to schedule a consultation.

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Many dental fillings are a standard procedure for many patients while getting a routine check up. If a filling is needed, our staff will go over any costs before the procedure starts. In most cases, fillings can be covered by your dental insurance. For more information on our tooth colored composite, gold or amalgram fillings, please call our office at 352-848-1050 or contact us on our website here to schedule a visit.

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