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Tooth Extractions

Are you experiencing tooth pain and feel you may need to have a tooth removed. Tooth extractions are a common procedure in many dentist office. However, you can relax knowing that we will make every effort before recommending that pulling a tooth is a necessary procedure.

Important Information Regarding Tooth Extractions In Spring Hill, FL


How Much Do Tooth Extractions Cost?

Many patients are concerned that tooth extractions are a costly service. We will be able to provide a cost on the procedure once the dentist has thoroughly examined your teeth and determined if the tooth extractions is a simple process or if more extensive dental surgery services are needed. In many cases, your dental insurance provider will cover the cost of a pulled tooth if it is deemed medically necessary. If a patient does not have dental insurance, we also provide easy on the spot financing through CareCredit.

Do I Really Need Tooth Extractions?

At the Dental and Denture Care Center, we always do our best to save a tooth. However in some cases tooth extractions are necessary. For example, if a tooth is trapped beneath the gum line, the dentist will likely need to perform oral surgery to remove that tooth before it becomes an even larger problem.

In other cases, a tooth may be severly damaged or infected beyond repair. If that is the case, your dentist might recommend having the damaged tooth pulled as the best course of treatment. The procedure is often quick and painless and will keep your mouth healthy and eliminate any pain you may have been experiencing.

Dental And Denture Care Center Tooth Extractions

What Happens If The Tooth Is Severly Infected or Damaged?

Before we make any recommendation for tooth extractions, our dentist will examine the cracked, damaged or infected tooth in question to determine if the center of the tooth has been damaged. If the tooth can be saved, he may suggest a root canal as an alternative procedure. If it is determined that pulling a tooth is needed, we can suggest using a temporary replacement tooth to make sure the other teeth in your mouth don’t move around out of balance.

Severe periodontal disease is a very painful oral condition that can cause the teeth to fall out as the disease destroys the ligaments that hold the teeth in place. Depending on the case, in order to stop the severe pain that comes with advanced gum disease, our dentist may recommend tooth extractions as the optimal treatment. 

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth often develop incorrectly by crowding the mouth, growing in sideways or getting impacted below the gumline. This can cause severe pain and discomfort. In most cases, the wisdom teeth will need to be removed surgically. Depending on how the wisdom teeth are growing in, removing the teeth can be a quick procedure or require more extensive dental surgery. No matter how the wisdom teeth are growing in, it is important to remove them as soon as possible to avoid infection and damage to the jaw bone.

What Can I Expect After My Tooth Extractions?

After your tooth extractions, our dental team will provide you with a set of instructions on what you can and can not do after the procendure while you heal. Most patients will be able to resume moderate activity after only 24 hours. If you plan to engage in any strenuous activities immediately following your procedure, check with your dentist first. Also, be sure to ask questions on what you can and can not eat following your procedure.

Your instructions will include suggestions on how to manage any pain you may experience. Depending on the level of pain, a mild pain reliever may be prescribed as part of your treatment.

How Long Does A Tooth Extraction Take To Heal?

As long as the patient follows all post treatment instructions, tooth extractions typically heal completely within a week. It may take longer if more extensive surgical procedures were involved.

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At The Dental and Denture Care Center, Dr. Juan C. Fabrega and his expert team of dental assistants will provide you with the very best service when getting your dental implants. If you are experiencing tooth pain, tooth extractions may be needed.

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